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 What is Citibitcoin PTY?

Citibitcoin PTY Limited is a quiet space amidst the cryptocurrencies and investment chaos. It’s an environment beyond your office, home or neighborhood coffee shop. Citibitcoin PTY Limited company punctuate your work life so that you can investing, work and get your money without distraction to pesky little nothings of life.

 What is the manimal and maximal sum amount to inve

You can invest $10 minimally. The maximum amount of investment is $50,000.

 What is the minimum amount available to withdraw?

You can withdraw minimally, as much as permissible rules of an electronic payment system, that is used in the program.

 What is the maximum amount available to withdraw?


 What electronic payment systems are available to i

To investment are available the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, BitCoin. The adding of electronic payment systems are possible

 How much time is required for withdrawal?

Payment "wave" schedule: We process the withdrawal requests each 4-12 hours. The maximum processing time of the withdrawal requests: 48 hours. All withdarawal requests are processing manually.

 By which days are made the payments and charges?

The payments and charges are made in calendar days, including weekends.

 How many accounts I can create in the program?

You can create an one account only. This is the rule for using our services, for the violation of which all accounts of such violator will be removed and all funds, which are on account balances of such accounts will be removed irretrievably.

 How many deposits I can make to the single investm

Unlimited. You can make any number of deposits to the any investment offer from our company.

 Where I can find the information about your compan

You can find all information about our company in the "Support" section.

 How I can to ask for help?

You can contact us via Contacts or Feedback sections.

 How can I change my e-mail, which has been typed a

The changing of an e-mail address is available by the request in the program’s support only.

 Can I get the referral reward without own deposit?

Yes, you can get it.

 What is period validity of your investments plans?

In order to learn of our investments offers, read the "Investments" section of our website.

 Do you have any fees in your program?

We have not provided any fees for funds withdrawal.

 What referral offers are you propose for own inves

In order to know about this and find out even more, read our "Partnership" section.

 What investments plans are you propose?

In order to know about this and find out even more, read our "Investments" section.

 Do you have some offers for representatives?

Yes, we have something for them. In order to find out about our proposals for representatives read our "Partnership" section.

 What operating schedule of your support?

You can fin information about it in the "Contacts" section.

 Can I withdraw my money to payment processor, whic

No, it is not available. You can withdraw your money to the appropriate electronic payment system of your deposit.

 Can I withdraw my principal amount before of the i

No, it is not available. You can withdraw your principal amount after your appropriate deposit expire only.

 May I change the chosen investment plan after I ma

No, it is not available. But you can always make additional investment to any other investment plan.