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   Deposit Bonus for Investors   22/07/2017

Hello, has been online for a long time and thank you for all the investors support. In order to help more investors to increase fund faster and show thanks for stable trusty investors, we decide to reward every single deposit over 1500$ , 30% deposit bonus, it ends until Aug 15th. Better take the opportunity now!
Best regards,

   Thanks for all investors support   22/07/2017

Dear investors,
Citibitcoin has been online over 2 months, it is a quiete a honor to serve thousands of investors all around the world. And thank you for all invetors support and understanding, from this month, we will choose 10 active investors(deposit over 300$) to reward 200$ bonus directly on account at random. At the end of the month, we will notice the list of investors who has got the reward. Take the luck chance to grow your capital.
Best wishes,